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According to a June 15 news release from the Michigan Lottery. A Michigan woman, Cheryl Marx, recently won a Powerball prize and initially believed it was worth $50,000.

Excited about her supposed winnings, Cheryl went to claim her prize, only to discover that she had actually won double the amount she expected.

Adding the Power Play option to her ticket resulted in Cheryl winning $100,000, as confirmed by the Michigan Lottery officials.

Overjoyed and still in disbelief, Cheryl plans to use her prize money to make improvements to her home and provide assistance to her family.

Cheryl is an avid player of Powerball and Mega Millions, particularly when the jackpot exceeds $100 million.

After the June 5 drawing, Cheryl called the winning numbers hotline and realized that her ticket matched the winning Powerball numbers.

Mistakenly thinking she had won $50,000, Cheryl was taken by surprise when she learned about the additional Power Play feature on her ticket.

Cheryl purchased her winning ticket at Tobacco & Liquor 1, a store located in Saginaw, around 100 miles northwest of Detroit.