A motorcyclist named Jimmy from North Seattle had an incredible stroke of luck during a May 15 Powerball drawing.

Jimmy initially stopped at a gas station where the pumps were not working, prompting him to visit another nearby location, as shared by Washington's Lottery in a June 13 news release.

At the second gas station, Jimmy purchased some Powerball tickets, absentmindedly placed them in his wallet, and forgot about them for nearly two weeks.

Upon rediscovering the tickets, Jimmy used a lottery app to scan them. While one ticket was not a winner, the other prompted him to "See Lottery Office."

Initially thinking it was a glitch, Jimmy repeatedly scanned the ticket and attempted to look up the numbers online. His girlfriend eventually read the winning numbers to him.

To Jimmy's astonishment, he had matched a significant number of numbers, but he initially estimated a prize of around $500.

However, he soon discovered that his prize was actually $50,000, a far cry from his initial assumption.

With his newfound winnings, Jimmy intends to use the money to pay his rent for a year, upgrade his motorcycle's stereo system, and pamper his three dogs with toys and treats