The winning numbers for the ninth-largest Powerball jackpot of $675 million were announced on Monday night, creating excitement among participants.

According to the powerball official website, the lucky numbers in the drawing were 2, 24, 34, 53, and 58, with 13 as the Powerball & the Power Play was 2X.

Despite no one matched all six numbers drawn, causing the Powerball jackpot to roll over for the next drawing.

The upcoming drawing on Wednesday July 12, 2023 now has an estimated jackpot of $725 million, capturing everyone's attention.

The cash value of the jackpot is estimated to be $366.2 million, the Wednesday drawing presents an incredible opportunity for a life-changing win.

Participants around the country eagerly waiting for the next Powerball drawing, hoping to secure the massive prize and change their lives forever.